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About Us

Cooks to Caterers was created with one mission in mind:

Helping Veterans and Entrepreneurs Succeed!!

THIS MUST STOP!  Hire Vets and Save Lives

Hire Vets and Help Them Start New Lives

Cooks to Caterers is a Nationwide Catering Resource that will put Veterans into the work force as small business owners or by working for Veteran supportive businesses in the catering industry.

Founder Patrick Campion grew up in a military family in the Albany New York area. Patrick’s father, Captain William Ronan Campion was a WWII, Purple Heart , Silver Star recipient. Patrick has had an extensive career with over two decades in Telecom and Sales Industry. His experience and understanding of successful business operations will be pivotal in the success of Cooks to Caterers.  Having been downsized out of a position and re-entering the workforce after years of unemployment and under-employment has provided Patrick with a unique insight into the plight of veterans returning home without a job to return to and with limited skill sets for the current job market.

Cooks to Caterer’s second in command is Peter Zamory, a Telecom Customer Care specialist. Pete’s daughter is an active member of the U.S Air Force serving several duties overseas and stateside. Pete brings decades of experience in best business practice and customer retention.

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